Bandwidth & usage


Quota is the total amount of public data transfer your project can consume before it starts incurring overages.

All servers come with 20 TB of free egress traffic and unlimited ingress traffic.

The 20 TB you get for each server is added to your Quota, which is shared between all servers in the same project and country. This is also known as Bandwidth pooling.

TypeAmount added to quota
Free bandwidth20 TB per server
Additional bandwidthSold in increments of 10 TB. See pricing

Bandwidth pooling

With, you don't have to monitor your servers individually to see how much of your quota they have consumed, because, for each new server you add, 20 TB is automatically added to your project's Quota.

Because pricing for bandwidth differs between countries, bandwidth is only pooled for servers that are in the same country and project.


Bandwidth is pooled even if servers are in different cities in the same country, so if you have US servers located in different cities, you will still share your Bandwidth Quota among them.

Managing your quota

You can increase and decrease your quota by going to the Usage page and clicking on Manage quota.

Additional bandwidth is sold in increments of 10 TB and automatically increases your quota for the selected country.


Quota management pop up on the dashboard.


Project Usage

The Usage tab on the Dashboard provides detailed insight into the actual Bandwidth usage of your project. You can find your project usage on the Usage menu in the sidebar.


Usage page on the dashboard.

The Usage page will render one chart for each country that you have servers deployed. So, if you have servers in Brazil and the US, one chart for each of these countries will be rendered. The chart shows you how much Inbound and Outbound bandwidth your project has consumed in the selected period. You can change the date range on the dropdown on the right-hand side of the chart.

There's a limit of 90 days between start and end dates for the date range selector.


The Project Usage chart on the Dashboard.

Server Usage

You can find how much Inbound and Outbound Bandwidth individual servers have consumed by going to the Server page and clicking on the Bandwidth tab. This will give you a similar chart to the one you see on the Project Usage page, but will only show data for the server you've selected.


The Server Bandwidth tab on the Dashboard.

95th Percentile

You can also analyze your traffic usage based on 95th percentile calculation, check it out on the Usage page, selecting the 95th percentile on the top right.


After selecting the 95th percentile you can analyze the average and total speed based on the selected time range.



For all regions, overage Bandwidth costs $0.01 per GB that goes over your quota. By buying Bandwidth Packages, you can considerably reduce the cost per GB to as little as $0.00064.

Bandwidth Packages can be added to a project in increments of 10 TB. Pricing for each country is available here.