Password authentication supports password authentication. This authentication method is provided with an additional layer of security and allows fast and secure access to resources.

Enabling Password

To enable password login, follow these steps:

  1. Access your profile page on the dashboard.
  2. Set your password.

Logging in with Password

After setting up the password, the next authentication request will be available through the password. Access the login screen and type in the email field.

The password field will be displayed if the password is properly set up.

Password Recovery

If you forget your password, it can be recovered. On the login screen, enter your email, wait for the password field to be displayed, and click on "recover password." A recovery link will be sent to the registered email. You will be authenticated and redirected to the password reset screen when accessing the link. Before proceeding, you will need to enter the TOTP.

Updating and Removing Password

Access the profile screen to update your password or deactivate this authentication method. You will need to enter the TOTP before proceeding with any action.