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Regions & locations


We recently introduced the Location concept, so you might see references to Locations as Regions or Sites on the dashboard and API. We are gradually standardizing this concept while making sure no breaking changes are introduced.

A region is a geographic area where we have one or more locations. A region is typically a country on the platform.

A location is an actual data center within a region. A location is typically a city on the platform. When there is more than one location in the same city, we number them. E.g., São Paulo and São Paulo 2.

You can see all available locations on the locations page.

When possible, locations share the same network, but there are exceptions. Here is a list of locations in the same city and how they are interconnected.

RegionLocationsShares network
BrazilSão Paulo
São Paulo 2
Tokyo 2
Santiago 2
MexicoMexico City
Mexico City 2

The only impact is, when using Layer 2 & private networks on locations that don't share the same network, you will need your servers to be in the same location to create a private network between them.