Server types provides these options to enable you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

On Demand

On Demand servers are pre-defined configurations that built to support most workloads. Create and delete servers as you wish with no long-term commitments. Prorated to the second, meaning that you pay only for the time you use and get back the unused time in credits.


Considerably reduce costs by committing to a server configuration. By reserving an instance, you commit to the configuration, not the instance itself, so you can still upgrade or change instances during the contract.

Save 30% for 1-year contracts. Reserved instances are always paid upfront for the committed period.


Spots are servers from previous generations or from custom projects that ended. Unlike Public Cloud providers, Spot servers at won't be reclaimed from your account.

Spot servers come in and out of stock, and the units available change often.


Custom servers are your managed on-premise deployment without the CapEx. Choose the configurations that best fit your workloads, and we will handle the rest, from procurement to delivery.

We buy, build, install, and maintain the server configurations you choose for your projects in any of our existing locations.

Deploy time varies depending on your project's complexity but usually takes 10 to 30 business days.

Learn more about Custom Deployments.