Error Codes

The API may send the following error codes. Other codes may be added in the future.

BANDWIDTH_ERRORError while loading bandwidth data. Please, try again
FORBIDDENThe request was forbidden. Check your permissions.
UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITYCannot process the request. Check your data.
INVALID_INCLUDECannot include the data you requested. Check your request.
INVALID_TOKENThe token is invalid. Request a new token.
MISSING_ORGANIZATIONOrganization is missing. Please, contact our support.
NOT_FOUNDGeneric error when the subject is not found
[RESOURCE]_NOT_FOUNDError when the [RESOURCE] is not found
POWER_ACTION_ERRORError while performing a power action. Please, contact our support.
REINSTALL_SERVER_FAILUREError while trying to reinstall. Please, contact our support.
ROLE_UPDATE_ERRORError while trying to update the role. Please, contact our support.
SCHEMA_VALIDATION_ERRORThe data you sent is invalid. Check your params.
SERVER_ALREADY_REINSTALLINGThe server you tried to reinstall is already reinstalling. Please wait it to finish.
SSH_KEY_OWNERSHIP_ERRORThe ssh key you tried to add does not belong to the project. Check your project's ssh keys.
UNAUTHORIZEDThe token is invalid. Request a new token.
VPN_SESSION_ALREADY_INITIATEDThe VPN Session was already initiated. Refresh your credentials.