HTTP Responses

The API returns HTTP responses on each request to indicate the success or otherwise of API requests. The codes listed below are often used, and the API may use others. Note that 4xx and 5xx responses may be returned for any request and clients should cater for them.

Response CodeDescription
200Ok -- The request was successful.
201Created -- The request was successful.
400Bad Request -- General client error, possibly malformed data.
401Unauthorized -- The API Key was not authorised (or no API Key was found).
403Forbidden -- The request is not allowed.
404Not Found -- The resource was not found.
422Unprocessable Entity -- The data was well-formed but invalid.
429Too Many Requests -- The client has reached or exceeded a rate limit, or the server is overloaded.
500Server Error - Something went wrong on our end.

This response is most likely a momentary operational error (e.g. temporary unavailability), and, as a result, requests should be retried once.