Use of HTTP

Request methods are used in accordance with HTTP

  • GET is used to access resources and perform queries. The API does not allow modifications (creates, updates, deletes) to occur via GET.
  • POST is used to create resources. The preferred model for creation is to post JSON to a 'collections' resource - for example the collections resource for team members is
  • PATCH is used to update resources.
  • DELETE is used to delete resources.

Responses use standard HTTP codes. Where there are client or server errors, a list of of one or more errors in JSON format is returned in the body - see "Errors" for more details.

The API may send cache directives where suitable, notably the ETag, Last-Modified and If-Modified-Since headers.

The Accept header must be used by a client used to indicate a preferred response for GET/HEAD requests. Requests without an Accept header of application/json may be rejected with a client error of 404 or 406. The Content-Type header should be used by clients to indicate the submitted format for POST/PUT requests.