Tokens are associated with a user and team, and so are API versions. When you update the API with a token you own, it changes the version of all API keys that belong to you. We call this membership versioning.

All requests use the API version set for your membership unless you override it.

Available versions

You can find all available versions by clicking on the dropdown on the left-hand side of this page. When sending the version to an endpoint or overriding the current version, only use the date section. E.g., v2023-06-01 should be referenced as 2023-06-01.

Overriding the current version

You can override the version you are using by setting the API-Version header on your request. This allows you to use a particular API version for a single endpoint rather than for all requests.

Example: To send a request for version 2022-07-18, set theAPI-Version: 2022-07-18 header.

Upgrading to a new version

You can upgrade and downgrade versions using the Regenerate an API Key endpoint.

Generally, we recommend only upgrading to stable versions as we often change beta versions considerably during development. If you want to use beta versions, we recommend doing it on a per-request basis.