Filters and views

The dashboard lets you filter resources like servers and IP addresses in many ways. You can save these filters by creating a view so it can be easily shared with your team and for easy access.

Filters are a powerful way to gain visibility into your resources and their current state. You can combine multiple filters to your exact needs.


Filtered views on the dashboard



These are the available filters for servers.

Filter typeKeyValue
Sort- Created
- Name
- Operating system
- Location
Select ascending or descending
Filter- Location
- Status
- Operating system
Single value select
Filter- Hostname
- Label
- Platform
contains, is equal to, has prefix, has suffix
Filter- CreatedAbsolute date range
* Relative dates coming soon


These are the available filters for IPs

Filter typeKeyValue
Sort- IP Address
- Family
- Type
Select ascending or descending
Filter- IP blockString
Filter- Location
- IP Family
- IP Type
Single value select


Click on the + icon on the server or IP list page, type in a name and save. Each view gives you a new URL to bookmark and share with your team.

Views appear on the list page as a new tab and are always available to all team members on your account. You can create as many views as you want.