Support & SLA

Support and Operations teams work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that all requests from customers are answered on time.

Requests are handled in parallel by our team — the SLA only represents the maximum response time.

SLA for Support and Network


Business impact

First reply

Next update

Periodic Updates


General questions

Up to 6 hours




Non-critical issues

Up to 1 hour

Up to 2 hours

2 hours (if applicable)


Partial service failure

Up to 30 minutes

Up to 1 hour

1 hour


Major service failure

Up to 15 minutes

Up to 30 minutes

30 minutes


Here are a few examples of how we categorize requests. This is not an exclusive list.

  • Low: General questions, slightly higher latency, non-urgent route changes, ASN routing.
  • Normal: OS reinstalls, IPMI access.
  • High: Bare metal reboots, intermittencies and packet loss, routing issues.
  • Urgent: Downtime, power-related issues, general failures on's backbones.

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