Logging into your server


The default SSH TCP port for Linux servers is 22. Root access is disabled by default so you first need to log in with the provided username and then sudo to root.

To find your server credentials, go to the server overview page. You should be able to copy and paste the command to access your server.

As a security measure, Latitude.sh will force you to change the password on the first login.

On Windows, you can either use WSL and log in using the command from the overview page or install an application that allows you to connect via SSH. The most popular one is PuttY.


from Windows

Windows servers are delivered with RDP and Administrator account enabled. Use the Remote Desktop Connection application.

from Linux

You will need to install a package to enable RDP sessions. Remmina is a popular one, but there are many others available.

from Mac OS X

To make a remote desktop connection, you need additional software.

Commonly, the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac is used, which can be found from the Mac App Store.